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Is this “parenting done right”?

“That’s for Wakeisha”.

Disney’s Normie and the Goth.

Is YouTube helping your child cheat?

Stay woke on this commercialized holiday, friends.

Two federal agencies, the FDA, and the FTC sent warning letters to vaping companies over concerns that their products are illegally marketed to children.

A Miami police officer kicked a suspect in the face after he was restrained during an arrest. Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina said officer Mario Figueroa’s actions “depict a clear violation of policy,” and he’s been suspended while the department conducts an investigation.

A discussion at Buzzfeed’s New York office has spun into a raging internet debate about the abbreviation IMHO.

Since YouTube announced policy changes in March that added restrictions on videos that promote the sale or manufacture of firearms, other sites have launched that promise a “censorship-free-forever” experience.

In May 2014, Hong Shing restaurant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada racially profiled four black customers, demanding that they pay for service first. Now, the restaurant is being ordered by the province of Ontario to pay $10,000 to compensate for the negative experience.

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