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If you didn’t have enough of Michelle Wolf, she’s getting ready to host her own monthly talk show premiering in May!

This is insane, but also absolutely amazing.

Actor who plays Deadpool and actor who plays Wolverine together at last!

From the aisles of Walmart to your earbuds, it’s Mason Ramsey!

Will “The Pouch”, Rob Liefeld’s new creation be the new Deadpool? Probably not, but it looks like fun!

The Pixar co founder and chief creative officer will not be returning to Pixar following his sabbatical for serial sexual harassment and bullying.

The cinema experience of the season is this kitty falling down.

The attacker killed nine and injured sixteen. In the video, we see the police take him in without firing a bullet.

No wonder she thought she needed the phone.

A holy day ’tis be.

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