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Johannes Bartl opens up to us about what inspired him to begin working out, his love of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and why a vegan diet is right for him. Read the interview here!

We look at the evidence and try to discover the truth of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy.


Beauty standards grow more and more unrealistic.

Moreover — what is the best way to ask a question like this?

Now that Tide Pods are known to cause physical harm, health officials worry that young people may choose them as a root to self-harm.

Apparently, police putting Crisco on the poles is not enough to stop Eagles fans. Lovely.

The White Moose Cafe called out Elle Darby after she sent a request for a free stay in exchange for promotion on her Instagram and YouTube.

The children were living in their own urine and feces, fed only one meal per day, and allowed only two showers per year.

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