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Perla Morales-Luna was dragged into a car by the Border Patrol near San Diego, CA, while her three daughters watched and screamed. A video filmed by one of the daughters has gone viral on Facebook, sparking outrage.

Lil Xan was asked to rank Tupac’s “clout” on a scale from 1 to 9. He gave Tupac a 2 and called it “boring music.” Now, Waka Flocka Flame says Xan is “banned from hip hop.”

The move is in celebration of International Women’s Day.

he says the fox is perfectly healthy, but the Internet isn’t buying it.

Find someone that gets this excited for you in your life.

It’s the case of the green smokey eye.

Who’s her favorite Kardashian? What does she think of Amy Schumer? Are aliens real? All shall be revealed.

Bears love to wrestle humans and eat humans, but this time… the bears didn’t eat the human. Quite the win!

I could watch this for hours.

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