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Bulgaria — get ready for “Sex in the Summer of Cuckoos.”

James Paxton managed to keep completely calm as the eagle pounced on him and attacked him.

Nasim Aghdam injured three people before taking her own life at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California.

Those shiny foil balls you’re seeing online are made from hammering, sanding, and polishing — not from microwaving.

The April Fool’s video from Burger King has many wishing this chocolate Whopper was real.

China first launched Tiangong-1, which means “Heavenly Palace,” in 2011, but lost control of it in 2016 due to a malfunction.

If you like cute as hell cartoons about little hedgehogs, this is for you!

His paintings have been angering the right…

A report from Buzzfeed chronicled the Nickelodeon creators’ efforts to groom two teenagers who eventually became the 40 something year old’s girlfriend, and child pornography allegedly discovered on his computer.