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These changes are in response to the Parkland shooting, and to the realization that the shooter purchased a rifle at Dick’s.

Prentis Robinson was on his way back from the police station, having just reported stolen property. He was shot and killed by a gunman while streaming on Facebook Live.

Oh, you didn’t know a group of penguins was called a waddle? Well, you do now, buddy!

Roseanne, Michael Bolton and R. Kelly all make the list!

Many major companies are severing ties with the NRA in wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The judges give him an “8 Equals D.” Boy, I’m smutty today.

A very sad story that raises a lot of uneasy questions.

Really gives new meaning to the phrase “quarter pounder.” Get it?

I too wish I had several annual salaries just for a bar tab.

A true “Bojack Horseman” classic.

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