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If you like cute as hell cartoons about little hedgehogs, this is for you!

His paintings have been angering the right…

A report from Buzzfeed chronicled the Nickelodeon creators’ efforts to groom two teenagers who eventually became the 40 something year old’s girlfriend, and child pornography allegedly discovered on his computer.

Sean Penn calls the brave women coming forward about their accusers childish, and it’s in poem form, so it gets worse from there.

I now pronounce you owl and attack.

Cars 3 vs. Coco? Moana vs. Frozen? Who will win the Disney/Pixar bracket?

All over America, people are making their voices heard that now is the time for gun control. The entry contains a live feed, signs, and photos from the March in DC.

The law aims to hold websites responsible (that host sex trafficking transactions), but opponents say it could put the free and open internet at risk.

It’s been — almost nine years since the group has performed with Steven Page, and the group is set to perform together again at the Juno Awards as they are inducted into the Canadian Musical Hall of Fame.

YouTube has introduced new restrictions on videos that feature guns and other weapons. Videos that “promote or link to websites selling firearms and accessories” will be banned, as well as instructional videos on how to assemble firearms. InRangeTV, a channel with over 140,000 subscribers, has started posted content on Pornhub.

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