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YouTuber Arya Mosallah came under fire in January for a prank where he threw water in people’s faces. He has since apologized and created a new channel. Will his subscribers return?

Your heart will explode watching this much sincerity.

Doritos recently announced a crunch-less chip… for ladies! So, the women of the What’s Trending office try to see if they can eat a Dorito… the quiet way.

“And they stood for the rest of the film.”

The evidence has been in front of us all along! One Twitter user breaks it down.

Natalie Portman also plays Eleven in a sketch based on the popular Netflix fantasy drama “Stranger Things.”

After months of secrecy, the child’s birth is revealed. We send our congratulations to her and boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Child psychologists weigh in.

Good news: She wasn’t missing after all! Bad News: Why didn’t anyone notice earlier?

A man passed away 23 days after winning a scratcher in this tragic story.

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