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Another example of a white person calling the police on black people doing literally nothing.

David Beckham is the latest celebrity to be taken into Deadpool’s long-standing war to try to get our attention so we see his movie.

Is this “parenting done right”?

“That’s for Wakeisha”.

Disney’s Normie and the Goth.

Is YouTube helping your child cheat?

Stay woke on this commercialized holiday, friends.

Two federal agencies, the FDA, and the FTC sent warning letters to vaping companies over concerns that their products are illegally marketed to children.

A Miami police officer kicked a suspect in the face after he was restrained during an arrest. Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina said officer Mario Figueroa’s actions “depict a clear violation of policy,” and he’s been suspended while the department conducts an investigation.

A discussion at Buzzfeed’s New York office has spun into a raging internet debate about the abbreviation IMHO.