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Rodriguez cast McGowan in “Grindhouse” immediately after hearing she was blacklisted by Weinstein due to being a victim of his behavior.

Not befitting of a Gaga!

What do you think of this exciting new rapper?

  Kristii is best known for “Recovery,” her break-up song that landed in the top ten on Billboard’s dance radio chart earlier this year. The song was about her first real love that she admits she isn’t completely over yet, and may never be. Still, it hasn’t kept her from rocking on. This fall, she […]

Be honest. Have you ever finished one?

After being told their elderly dog was put down, a family in New Jersey is shocked to find their dog was still alive after being abducted by their veterinarian.

They have to figure out… is it a sex toy… or a dog toy?

The song is called Gorgeous and fans are digging into the clues…

Did Jon drink what we think he drank!? Hmm.

After women across social media shared stories about sexual harassment with the hashtag ‘MeToo,’ men are now opening up about their own shameful experiences.

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