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Racist punks, go home!

This is so disturbing.

Double the Twitter length will mean double the thoughtfulness… I hope!

20 more were injured.

After women across social media shared stories about sexual harassment with the hashtag ‘MeToo,’ men are now opening up about their own shameful experiences.

And what they did with it is insane.

Our White House is a reality show now oh no

The videos and pictures being posted are unreal.

It’s set to be a category 5, and have the strongest wind speeds on record.

The apocalypse may be nigh, but Lights, with all her fiery fighting spirit (and fire engine-red hair), is prepared for the revolution with her forthcoming fourth studio album, Skin & Earth—and the latest track off the record proves she’s ready to rumble. “Savage” finds the Canadian pop star delivering one hell of a scathing kiss-off to a […]