Prima Donna of Opera Strikes “Lightning” on Dance Radio By Dan Schmidt

Written by on October 25, 2017


Kristii is best known for “Recovery,” her break-up song that landed in the top ten on Billboard’s dance radio chart earlier this year. The song was about her first real love that she admits she isn’t completely over yet, and may never be. Still, it hasn’t kept her from rocking on. This fall, she returns to the airwaves with “Lightning,” a blazing club track with bad boy of R&B Chris Brown that mixes rap with pop.

Kristii and Chris are an unlikely pairing, especially when you consider that Kristii originally hails from the opera stages of Austria. Yes, it’s true, the singer we know in the states as an EDM diva turned R&B crooner actually began her career as a Prima Donna. We spoke with her to learn more.

How did an accomplished opera singer in Austria get paired up with R&B bad boy Chris Brown?
Kristii: Our managers met and thought it would be fun to pair us together on a project. I’ve been a fan of Chris’ for a long time so I immediately loved the idea but it took some convincing with my vocal coach.

What was his objection?
He worried I might damage my voice by singing pop music.

Did he wonder why you wanted to do it?
At first he did, but he also knew me enough to know that I’ve been a fan of American R&B and pop music since I was like 5! Being a small town girl from Austria, Vienna, I never imagined it would be possible for me to do pop. It all just seemed so far away for me, but doing the movie, Chagall-Malevich, changed everything.

How so?
The part called me for my character to sing and it was when I was in the studio, recording my track for the film, that the man who would become my manager, heard me singing and signed me to a deal.

Did your vocal coach require you to do anything special to protect your vocal chords?
Yes, I had to double up on lessons in order to learn the different vocal approaches to pop.

Did you discover any similarities between R&B and opera?
(Laughing) Not really! Only that in both, it’s important to sing with your entire soul and put all your love into it.

What was it like working in the studio with Chris?
The crazy thing is we wrote “Lightning” together but then recorded our parts on opposite sides of the earth. I did mine from a studio in Austria! We then we emailed my vocals to Chris and his team in Los Angeles and they added his vocals on top of mine. Gotta love technology!

You had to be excited when you learned it was playing on US radio.
So excited! I just learned we’ll be shooting a music video for it. It’ll be fun to see Chris again!

Has “Lightning” opened new doors for you in the R&B world?
Definitely! I’m working on new songs as we speak. There may even be another track with Chris in the works… hint, hint.

Are you pursuing new films too?
You know, acting is a part of my soul: a big part. Even if this singing career takes off, I’ll never leave acting. I’d love to take on new projects, especially in the USA. A series on Netflix would be fun, too.

Did you hear Justin Bieber is looking to make the jump from music to film. Do you have any advice for him?
(Laughing) He certainly doesn’t need advice from me! He’s amazing in everything he does! I would love to have the opportunity to work with him.

Where do you see your career going in the next five years?
I’d love to be a pop diva and take over America and then the world! I wanna be like Madonna. (Laughing) Is that too ambitious?

Will you return to opera?
I’m not sure. Never say never, right? But, right now, I’ve got R&B and making more “Lightning” with Chris Brown on my mind.

“Lightning” featuring Chris Brown and Kristii will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon as well all other online retail outlets on Oct 31st. Its music video is available on YouTube. Follow Kristii on INSTAGRAM @ kristii_music and on FACEBOOK @KristiiOfficial.


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